Can you qualify for Cancellation if you have a criminal history?

Can you qualify for Cancellation if you have a felony historical past?
– The following classes of folks are ineligible t- observe for Cancellation:
– Recurring drunkards
– Polygamists
– Prostitutes
– Smugglers (together with sending cash for domestic contributors t- “pass over”
int- the United States)
– Folks convicted of crimes involving ethical turpitude
– Individuals convicted of drug crimes (with the exception of for a single offense of easy
possession of 30 grams or much less of marijuana)
– Individuals wh- derive their earnings from unlawful playing
– Folks wh- have given false testimony t- receive any immigration merit
– Individuals wh- have been in jail for one hundred eighty days or extra
– Individuals convicted of an aggravated prison
– Individuals wh- falsely declare United States citizenship or register t- vote

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